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Boeing 727

Boeing departed from their oen traditions when in 1960 they designed the short/medium range 727 with three engines at the rear of the fuselage. It worked: the 727 became the first commercial jetliner to reach over 1,000 sales. The plane upper fuselage section is identical to that of the earlier 707, and it shares many common parts, though all its controls are fully powered by hydraulics. Ingenious flaps and stats give it a good take-off performance with a load of 163 passengers. The cabin in the latest version, has been given a wide-bodied look by the use of mouldings and lighting. Very popular with aircrew, it is precise and light to fly, and it has a very good safety record.

Pan American Air Ways-Boeing 727 (postcard)

introduced in 1964, the 727 became an immediate hit w/ flight crews & passengers alike

on dec. 5, 1977, the worldwide 727 fleet carried its one billionth passenger

Lufthansa-Boeing 727