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Boeing 707

The most extensively used of the first generation of jets, it quickly pushed the remaining piston-engined aircraft off the routes, chiefly because its mechanically simpler engines needed removing after periods of thousands rather than hundreds of hours. A most efficient aircraft, very reliable and with well-designed passenger and galley accommodation, it has earned the respect of aircrew- although some "jet upsets" were experienced early on, before pilots learned the new game. It has always been a demanding aircraft to fly well, particularly in crosswinds, because of its heavy swwep-back, narrow-track undercarriage and low engine pods; but pilots soon adapt to this and find it very satisfying.

Pan American Air Ways-Boeing 707

Iran Air "Homa"(old colours)-Boeing 707

Pan Am-Boeing 707(postcard)

Qantas(old colours)-Boeing 707 (postcard)

Pan American-Boeing 707(very old B&W postcard!)