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Kish Island is a free trade zone located in the Persian Gulf in southern part of Iran. Its really a gem when its white sands shine brightly under the sun in the middle of warm blue waters. It's also very romantic to watch the sun setting there in the ocean.

One more time I would like to remin you that no such palce as the Gulf is available on earth. It's just the one and only Persian Gulf belonging for ages to we Persians. So please DO stop calling it such fictiticious name. ONLY Persian Gulf. Thank You!

Persepolis is called Takht-e Jamshid in Farsi. Jamshid was one of the ancient Persian mythological Kings who had evrything under his rule except for the sky. Under his command a jeweld bed was built and he ordered the goblins to raise him to the sky and so was done and people, joyfully affected by that called that day Norouz and celeberate it every year for Jamshid Shah had brought them prosperity for decades untill he became proud and thought of himself as God and this ended the prosperity and glory of his land and his regn. Nevertheless, Iranians KEPT celebrate that special day as they still do and neither Turks and Arabs, nor Mongules could stop them from honouring that day (falling on the first day of Spring) as their new year.



Isfahan is another historic city which is full of historic bridges, mosques and palaces built during the Safavi era. I think Isfahan is truly called the city of bridges. With the river Zayandeh Rood running through the city making it simillar to one in Europe, Isfahan has got more than 100 bridges the most famouse of which are Sioseh Pol (33 Bridges) and Pol-e Khajoo. Not far from the river is located the beautiful Naghsh-e Jahan Square with Alighapou Palace, Shah and Sheik Lotfollah mosques on its 3 sides and Bazar around it. It's been registered by UNESCO but recently they have threatened they would drop it out of their Cultural Heritages list because a 12 storey building is being built near it! Hmm, I think so what good is this International Organization for when it just draws a line on the name of historical placees in danger of destruction or being changed instead of forcing the government to save it?! Hah, that's why I always say that United Nations and all its sub organizations are good for nothing for they can never do a thing but going to other countries and riding in their UN branded cars. Hahaha, I saw how they saved the Buddah Monuments/Statues in Afghanistan, hahahaha!!!

Another beautiful historic architectural work of art is the Wank Church built by migrant Armenians. They established the first print houses and publishings in Jolfa - Isfahan and still they keep one of those old print machines in the Wank Museum.

One interesting building is Menar Jonboon (meaning Moving Minarets or rather shaking, rattling and rolling Minarets!!) The Minarets of this building are so designed that when you start moving one of the minarets the other one starts moving in the same direction. Well, those minarets seemingly had severe damage in their movement mechanism some years ago that people were no longer allowed to go and shake it, only one guy responsible for this at specific times would go up and shake it for a limited time to prevent further damges. Then it went under reconstruction and was fixed. But this year (2002) we went to Isfahan and visited it once more. It's been moved every 15 minutes but unfortunately it no longer moves as much as it used too.sigh, poor Minaret!!


Shiraz is the center/capial of Fars province (where Persepolis is located in) housing lots of nice buildings and famous poets tombes. One of these famed poets is Saadi, the author of the books Boostan and Golestan. You can see a photo of his tomb on the right. The other internationally famed poet is Hafiz, whose divan is pretty popular among Iranian families and it's regarded like a holy book, even it is used to ominate and the Hafiz soothsays are sold vastly everywhere mostly by the people in need to the people who need something to calm them down. (Its sayings are always true, believe me, it never lies).


Masouleh is a northern village located in the mountains and is a lovely green place with lots of pelargoniums and geraniums planted in different pots located in front of each and every house window. The interesting thing is that the rooftop of one house is the yard of the other one. The little girls here sew beautiful dolls and patiently wait for the tourists to come and buy their beautifically coloured handicrafts.



A Beautiful Sunset over Kish Island - Persian Gulf

Bull decorated Gate to the Hundred Columns Palace - Persepolis - Fars Province

Sioseh Pol (= 33 Bridges) - Isfahan

Tachara Palace - Persepolis - Fars Province
Saadi's Tomb
Saadi's Tomb - Shiraz
A House in Masouleh Village - Guilan
Alighapou Palace - Naghsh-e Jahan Square - Isfahan
Wank Church - Isfahan

Shaking Minarret

Menar Jonboon (Moving Minarets) - Isfahan
Another house in the Masouleh Village - Guillan