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More Photos of Tehran!
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 The Roodaki Hall has been built during the monarchy days of Iran in the period of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and was mostly used to perform operas and ballets. Unfortunately after the Islamic Revolution in 1979, such arts are no longer perfomed in there (or any other places) until recently that some Folkloric musicals and Classical concertos were performed.You can see the Royal stand in the other pic here were the ex-King and Queen of Iran used to sit.




I have taken these view photos of Tehran photos out of the 15th floor of Arya Sheraton hotel this year (1381 = 2002). Fortunately that day it was windy and the weather was clean so I could capture the great Alborz mountains sorrounding Tehran in the North as well (you usually cannot see the because of a lot of smog). Hmm, I guess the second photo shows how the smog's beginning to rise. Oh, by the way, the tall buildings to the right are 3 towers of Eskan Apartments complex. They're one of the luxuriest complexes in Tehran.


This is the Abgineh museum of Glass and Ceramics. Unfortunately I have not visited it yet but it's said it's a nice place consisting of great ancient glass and ceramic artworks.

Abgineh itself means glass, chrystal, mirror and sometimes diamond.


As I wrote earlier here this is the Royal stand of Roodaki Hall but do you know who was Roodaki himself?Well, he was one of the great Persian poets said to be blind since his date of birth. He was an expert in different types of poetry and you can feel the joyfulness and happiness of his writings.


Hassan Abad square is one of the oldest places in Tehran built during the modernization of the city. This place is mostly famouse for its buildings surrondin it. Unfortunately some years ago a branch of one of the banks destroyed one of these old buildings and built a mirror glassed building there and unballanced the view. But then they were forced to at least build a resembling model of the old buildings and place it on their modern building to fit the other 3 angles of the square. Hahaha, those jughead bankers!!!


Well, in this picture I have taken out of 10th floor of Iran Sokna Building No.2 you can see some 3 other luxurious apartment complexes in Tehran. The ones to the left are Park de Prince Apartments consisting of 3 towers the best of wich is the Block A, the white one. On the right you can see some triangular buildings by the name of Saman, they too consist of 3 blocks. Behind them you can see 2 towers of Vanak Park apartment complex. Sorry, but I think you should make use of a magnifier to see those!!


This one is the National Museum whose arch reminds me of the wonder of the Sassanid period by the name of Tagh-e Kassraa. This building is also built during the reign of the late Shah.



I like this structure (or rather sculpture!) showing a man fighting and overcoming a dragon (the demon), it's very heroic!!



Wow! This is the Fabulous Damavand, the peak of the great Alborz Mountains, an old volcano not active for so many decades (I think he's been too kind to the people who have built houses even right under his nose!! Sure he'll be waking one of these days and then....!?) Hmm, when I was a kid we were taught that it was 5678 m high and everst was 8888m. But now Everest has become 8884 m high and Damavand has become 6785 m too!! Are they melting?!


Ahmad shahi Palace? Sigh, I think now it's a memory. Built in the qajar period, it's now occupied by the Basidj, a kind of Islamic millitary group formed after the Islamic Revolution, who are cutting off all its trees and destroying this old architectural work of art to build their own stable instead!!?!! Goodbye good old Palace, goodbye History!@:-(



roodaki hall
Talaar Roodaki (Roodaki Hall) - The Culture and Art Centre

A view of Tehran taken from the the 15th floor of Hotel Aria Sheraton (now Homa Hotel) - That day was clean and windy so you can see the Alborz Mountains!

Another view of Tehran taken from the the 15th floor of Hotel Aria Sheraton (now Homa Hotel)
Abgineh Museum of Glass and Ceramics
Roodaki Hall
Another angle view of Roodaki Hall
Hasan Abad Square
Meydan-e Hasan Abad (HasanAbad square) old buildings.
Another view to Tehran (photo taken from the 10th floor of Iran Sokna Bldg.#2)
National Museum
The National Museum.
The Man and the Dragon statue
The Fabulous Damavand
Ahmad Shahi Palace
Ahmad Shahi Palace