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Persian Gulf dispute

Not very long ago Iranians faced a crisis over the historical name of the world-known Persian Gulf being altered by a so-called scientific organization known as the National Geographic Society.  Although it is over - to some extent- by now, I thought I'd better keep the following petition-signing request of mine as a reminder of what they did and how we acted against their childish dispute (caused by a recently established sheikdom which was once a part of Persia itself!) over this ancient body of water.
I could have never imagined that a reputable organization like Natural Geographic society would publish an Atlas using the fake names instead of or along with the original ancient names. Persian Gulf is Persian Gulf and no Arabian Gulf ever existed to be named in their maps. If you do care about history and real facts and are disgusted of this act of NGS please go here and sign a petition against their usage of such a fake name. Thank you!

Cyrus the Great Tomb - Pasargad

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Persian Gulf will remain Persian forever
Iran is a more than 7000 year old land, not a just established Sheykhdom!

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Save Our Sites

of Archeological Treasures

Ancient Pasargad region and the Tomb of Cyrus the Great are threatened by a nearby building dam. Unfortunately its construction project is not being stopped and all these ancient sites are in the inevitable danger of either being washed away or destroyed by the heavy humidity. So please DO help us save what remained of one of the ancient civilizations by just signing the Save the Precious Archeological Sites of Pasargad in Iran petition before it is becoming too late. Thank you in advance.