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Columbia Airlines
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The Real Aircraft:

A real American Airlines 747-123 (N9675) was used in the movie, painted in the fictional Columbia Airlines colors. No wonder the colors of American and Columbia look so much alike (except for the red stripe that dissapears in the latter).The plane is a "combi" aircraft with a cargo section at the back, as the loading door and the small passenger cabin demonstrate.
 N9675, a Boeing 747-123 (msn/ln 20390/136), delivered on May 7, 1971, was operated at the time by American Airlines and later became an all-freight plane (flying as "American Freighter"). It temporarily had the registry OD-AGM for a lease. When American Airlines disposed of its 747 fleet, it was sold to UPS which now flies it as N675UP.

 Now here you'll see the photos(courtesy of or movie sections featuring this special plane, well, may be I should have called this page a tribute one, I don't know(maybe I'll do this later)but meanwhile, hope you'll enjoy it and please do contact me if you've got more photos or info of this famous actress,woops, sorry...Jumbo Jet!!(isn't she beautiful?!)
        So, here we go...@;)

Columbia 409(damaged) landing at Salt Lake City Airport

6 views of the final scene of the movie that the damaged plane is landed on the Salt Lake City Airport without any brakes so Captain Murdock(Charlton Heston) has to hit the plane against somekind of depot in order to make the plane stop.

Photo by : Richard Silagi (click to enlarge)
While servicing as American Freighter(N9675)in the '70s

Photo by : Chris Kilroy (click to enlarge)
Servicing as the UPS cargo plane(N675UP) now

Photo by : Eduard Marmet (click to enlarge)
Brief servicing to TMA of Lebanon in 1976 (reg.OD-AGM)