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My Pets
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'Little Goldies'

I've had lots of different pets in my life from roosters to cats, but now since I've been living in an apartment, I've got just 9 little goldfish (including 3 black moores) that I love very much (esp. the one called Koochool). They're really lovely and cute (and delicate too) and love to be fed 24 hours aday! (so if you see the 2 year old 'Snow White', you'll think that she is 5! Here I've just managed to take a photo of Koochool (not bad as my first experience in picturing fishes!) but will be trying photographing others in a near future too!

Update: I've lost all those lovely goldfish of mine duo to an unknown diseas

This was Koochool (somehow meaning Baby!), the loveliest goldfish of mine out of the other ex 9. She was five years old when I lost her (also I lost the rest of the tank inhabitants due to an unknown disease, now I only own 4 somehow ordinary goldfish)  

the loveliest goldfish of mine!

Click the little Goldfish below to see other photos of my late dear kids :'(