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Smilies and Emoticons! Em17

Here I've included smilies and emoticons from different sources. You can add them to your email messages (I've tested them in MSN and Yahoo!) by simply copying and pasting them in your message box (right click on the desired smiley and click the copy option, then use the past botton (according to your email provider setting options and you'll have a cute smiley in your messege!) Enjoy!
Smile Laugh LOL Biggrin Wub Wink Tongue Roll Happy Cool Blush Sad Blink Unsure Mad
Wacko Ohmy Em02 Huh Sleep Mellow Dry confused Crazy Em01 Devil Sick Excl Ninja Heart
embarrasment Errrm Exclaim Flower Happy hmm huh Laugh mad Ohmy Mr Green No No expression Em04 Em05
Em06 Em07 Em08 Em09 Em10 Em11 Em12 Em13 Em14 Em15 Em16 Em17 Em18 Em19 Em20
Em21 Em22 Em23 Em24 Em25 Em26 Em27 Em28 Em29 Em30 Em31 Em32 Em33 Em34 Em35
Em36 Em37 Em38 Em39 Em40 Em41 Em42 Em43 Em44 Em45 Em46 Em47 Em48 Em49 Em03
mobile Online Pinch Pirate Question Real Mad Roll eyes Santa Shifty Shy Sick sleeping smile stare stick out tongue
Sweat Drop Unsure w00t wacko whistle wink yes Blink bluemad Devil embarrasment Fun Errrm


Heart Laugh mobile mad Mr Green No Pinch Pirate Real Mad Say No Shifty Shy sleeping Question Exclaim
Sick smile stare stick out tongue Sweat Drop Unsure w00t wacko whistle wink Yawn2 yes Ohno Smiley Devilsmiley Grrr
Graduated Snitch Medieval Tiredsmiley Cap Cowboy Goatee Rambo Headphone Shades Mario Questionmark Fez Hair Santa
Thumbsupsmileyanim Thumbsdownsmileyanim Whistle Guitar King Cheff Party        


    Cry1 BTW YAY Cry
Doctor Goodluck Hug On Fire Off Topic Jump
Dance Hungry I Agree! scare2death Birthday Baaasmiley
PC phone Vomit Punk Sorry No Pity!
Jackson 1 Pray nervos2 Smlove2 Rippedhand Steering
Thinkingof Werd Patty calm Butter Greenie
dragoste in grup please ban inocent3 salut ras
hump iubire3 beau-beau dap bere2 pupic2
rofl sorry amor oups Specool bounce
Yes Nod No Nod LOL Sleep Red Devil Mad Drool Thumbs Up 1 Shy 1 Tongue 1 Angel 1 Deveous 1 Laugh 1 Heart Love 1 Wink
1 Cool 1 Grin 1 Girl 1 Sigh 1 Upset 1 Embarased 1 Eek 5 Censored 2 Penguin 1 Broken Heart 1 Mad Icon Biggrin 3 Heart Exclaim! Question
3 Sqshy 3 Sqhot 3 Sqcold 2 Hare 2 Hamster 2 Puppy 2 Frog 5 Scared 3 Evilwink 3 Sick1 Cry Love Cool Biggrin Mad
Redface Wink Frown Tongue Disguise2 2 Chicken 2 Bunny SHOCKED 4 Xbones 2 Mouse 2 Bear 2 Kitty cap zmabitor hades
Cheesy Grin Confused Cool Crying EEK! Evil Frown LOL Mad Neutral Razz Red Face Roll Eyes Sad Suprised
Smile Wink Twisted Alien 5 Shhh 3 Chinese politist 4 Umbrella Pape ym2 porc angry da blush exclamare
nu alien fa cu ochiul blink pupic1 cake aham cow ym14 nop rau plange boxing santa adormit
wave inimioara petrecaret trist da cu capul bow flori plecaciune punk inarmat baby zambet plans rau2 stresat
evident destept deranjat banana yuk aplauze2 rade clovn scoate limba slap confuz ce??? wow hmm ceeeee???
cool aplauze1 nimic nesigur bolnav                  


If you are living in Iran (like me) you might not be able to see some of the smilies as some certain words (like kiss, hump, sweet, etc.) are filtered by certain ISP/ICP's (like Datak, Morva, Pars Online, etc).Mad



Below you'll find a link to the website of a cute Persian program named Quick Smile. It includes more than a 100 cute smileies and emoticons which you can insert into your emails, blogs, websites and other HTML supported areas. Both Thumbs Up to it 

Quick Smile
                                    2 - Use Smiley in Everywhere