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Cliff Richard

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Well, I first became familiar with Cliff music about some 10 years ago back in 1994 while I was seaeching in my uncle's old tapes to make a new ,let's say best of the oldies cassette for myself that I came across this song Power To All Our Friends. I've already heard about him but haven't heard his voice yet till that magical moment that said to my self, Wow! what a great, warm voice he's got and this was the beginning of my troubles!!! Yes trouble, for you could not find any cassette or cd by him in the under-the-ground shops(for as I've told some other hundred times before in this site such things are considered illegal and are not freely traded!?!) so I started searching our own available tapes and BINGO, found 2 other songs of him(!!) one of which was Who's in Love and the other one being Sway. Then came a situation that I first considered misfortune but greatly happened to be one of the fortunate things and it's Satellite. Yeah, we're living in an apartment complex and had a satelite dish and receiver providing service for the apartments connected to it, then came this awful law that using or even keeping the satellite equipments is against the benefits of the government and the country and the equipments shoulld be given to the police and armed forces otherwise would face heavy punishments and penalties. Therefore the great days of Star TV watchings ended overnight and people started scratching their heads over how to obtain them again without any notice (power to the blankets covering the technology!!) So did we but the unfortunate case we no longer could receive Star Tv programmes because of a tall building in front of our balcony (it was already located on the 13th floor), the only satellite network we could receive was the one launched by the Turks and we got it and I was really depressed for I neither could talk Turkish nor understood a word of it but very accidentally one early morning I was checking its channels for some/ ANY English programme and came across a radio station playing music and guess what, they were playing Daddy's Home by Cliff, Hahaha, I love you Turks!! So that channel bacame my favourite and started watching/hearing it 24 hrs a day, and recorded a lot of Cliff Richard songs, not all with high qaulity but that was enough for me(Now I' ve got the cd from which those songs came-it's called the CR Collection 1976-1979, thanks to my auntie and uncle in the USA). Then came the internet and and the good old Napster and Audiogalaxy and I grew(if it's a correct term) my CR collection from just 3 songs to almost 500 ones and 3 dvds of his musicals and one concert on vhs, Woow!! (I forgot to ad the SW2 radio programmes such as Vintage Chart Show, Anything Goes and A Jolly Good Show on BBC and Border Crossings on the VOA).

One more thing, I no longer make use of the peer 2 peer networks such as Kaaza, the reason... THEY DO NOT WORK ON MY COMPUTER!!! (can anybody tell me why?)

Hmmm, I guess I'd better provide you with a brief biography of his to just get familiar with this Chart Topper who had #1's in the '50s, '60's, '70s, '80s and '90s of course.(Unfortunately despite his last hit, the radio banned MILLENNIUM PRAYER topped the charts for 3 weeks, it couldn't make it to the new millennium by staying at that spot for the 4th week >_<):


Born Harry Rger Webb on 14 October, 1940 in Lucknow, India from British parents. He returned with his Family to Britain in 1947 where he still lives.

While still working as a clerk in Atlas television factory he played and sang in skiffle groups; in 1958 he had his first hit record "Move It". His backing band, originally called the Drifters and later renamed the Shadows stayed with him untill 1968.

He made his film debute in Serious Charge (1959) and appeared in several subsequent films, mainly musical. In Expresso Bongo (1960) he was cast as a pop singer, in Two A Penny (1968) he played a straight dramatic role.

He has toured widely, appearing in Eastern Europe and on German Television in 1970; he also made his stage debute that year in Five Finger Excercise and in 1986 the musical Time in London.

Richard's music has evolved from an early identification with teenagers' rock n' roll to the category admired by pop fans when they reach their middle-age.

Now over 60 himself, Sir Cliff maintains a clean-living boyish appearance, no doubt not totally unconnected with his conversion as as a born-again Christian in the 1970s; he has continued to enjoy success pop single charts.

[text taken (with some changes) from the OXFORD REFERENCE paperback serries, A Dictionary of 20th Century World Biography published by Oxford University Press in 1993, the consultant editor was Asa Briggs.



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