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Xiao Ao Jiang Hu  笑傲江湖

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State of Divinity (CCTV 2001)


افسانه شجاعان
Yes, this is my all time favorite martial arts serial which I really, really, really, really enjoy watching (especially that my all time favorite actor has starred very brilliantly in it too  )! I'll be to that one later but first let me tell you how this series came my way or how I came such genre way!!   
Hmm; As I refer to my memory I seem to have always liked the martial arts (Kung Fu) oriented movies and series. I guess the first such thing that I watched for the first time (at the age of 6 if not mistaken) was Bruce Lee's "Enter the Dragon". Oh My! I was so possessed by that movie and that Chinese man that I just kept watching and watching it every day! Hehe, I was really enjoying Bruce Lee's image How sad that such big martial arts master lost his life in a very suspicious way
Then some years later, the Iranian Channel 1 started showing a heroic Chinese series whose Persian translated title was "The Mountain Warriors". It was a great serial indeed and I really enjoyed it. That feeling was repeated when the serial was aired again some years ago. And then..., came the best ever martial arts series I had ever watched .  
Based on a same titled book written by the great Chinese Wuxia author Jin Yong, Xiao Ao Jiang Hu translated into Persian as افسانه شجاعان ( Afsaneh Shoja'an = Legend of the Braves ) was the name of the series. I can't be sure of its exact translation in English but some seen equivalents for it are as follows (the first one I think should be the closest one):
Smiling Proud Wanderer
State of Divinity
Blood Cold and Proud Hot
Laughing in the Wind
The one I'm referring to is the CCTV 2001 adaptation of the novel (since some other adaptations were made already) and is mostly known as the State of Divinity or Blood Cold and Proud Hot in English. Although I haven't watched all the XAJH  adaptations (except for the Mediacorp and TVB's 1996 one), I can easily make my mind and say that the  mainland China adaptation is the Best. In my opinion, everything in their adaptation is perfect: beautiful sceneries, breath taking and hair raising martial arts, fabulous music and songs and a group of gorgeous and good looking actors and actresses (don't forget to check my The Cast page to see who was playing whom ). Everybody did his/her job pretty well no matter how long the the role (time) was. But the main cast (in my opinion again) are limited to these people:
              Li Yapeng     -----     Linghu Chong
                 Xu Qing     -----     Ren Yingying
                   Wei Zi     -----     Yue Buqun
               Miao Yiyi     -----     Yue Lingshan
                     Li Jie     -----     Lin Pingzhi
My especially favored character at the beginning was this pretty good-looking guy nicknamed Gentleman Sword; the HuaShan master Yue Buqun Well, I had never read that novel and had no faintest idea what kind of a crap and hypocrite guy he is. He was so well mannered and educated that I was really fooled by his image not believing that he could be such a villain, a wolf in the sheep skin Yes, I admit that I was totally fooled by him but how could it be possible if the actor hadn't done a splendid job? Yeah, Wei Zi DID do a magnificent job of portraying such a complex and sophisticated person (no wonder I've become one of his admirers ever since ; two thumbs up for him; Wei Zi rocks  ).
Li Jie as the unfortunate and ill-fated LPZ did a great job too. So did Miao Yiyi as Yue Buqun's daddy's girl Lingshan.
LHC and RYY are the main hero and heroine of the story and Li Yapeng and Xu Qing are the main actor and actress of the series too. I've seen/read some criticizing Li Yapeng portrayal of Linghu Chong but in my opinion he's just perfect especially when he starts joking or making fun of the enemies. I still love his disguise as a general, quite hilarious  And Xu Qing, she's so cute and believable as Yingying that I can't say anything against her. Quite perfect
Poof! I've done lot of things  regarding this page today! Hopefully will add more later. But meanwhile, you can check the other links I've provided on the right as they're pretty cool since they are written and created by me too (except for the Stage Photos) 
کمى هم به زبان شيرين فارسى بنويسم! خوب افسانه شجاعان دوستان عزيز بگذاريد يک توضيحى در  رابطه با لينک هاى سمت راستى بدهم : اولين مورد که عکس شانار کنارشه، مربوط به داستان سرياله، دوميش مربوط ميشه به عکس ها و اسکرين شات هايى از شخصيت ها و صحنه هايى از سريال، سومين مورد هنرپيشه ها هستند که عکسى از خود بدون گريمشون با شخصيت افسانه شجاعانيشون و اساميشون رو مى‌تونيد ببينيد، چهارمين مورد که عکس لينخو در کنارشه، مقايسه ايست بين شخصيت هاى اين ورژنى که ما ديديم و شخصيت هاى برداشت هاى ديگر که از نظر من هيچکدومشون به پاى اين يکى نمى رسند، پنجمين لينک شما رو به آهنگ هاى سريال راهنمايى ميکنه، فقط چون تو پرشين گيگ آپ کردمشون ممکنه يه وقت پهناى باندش تموم شده باشه، لطفا دوباره سعى‌کنيد، ششمين مورد چندتا والپيپر دستپخت اينجانبه که به نظر خودم بدک از آب در نيومدند! آخرين مورد هم مربوط ميشه به يک سايت چينى‌ که عکس هاى باکيفيت و باحالى از سريال داره. اميدوارم از لينک هاى بالا کمال حسن استفاده رو ببريد ^_^ ء


XAJH FLASH Slideshow

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 I’ve changed the Xiao Ao Jiang Hu flash intro (where you could hear the xajh intro song too!) with this one which loads fast and you have more control over it. As mentioned above it’s a sort of slideshow thing but it is all up to you to have it run that way or watch the images one by one.

If you wish to have a slideshow (where images change after 3 seconds) just click on the >> button but if you want to see them one by one and stare at certain people longer than 3 secs (!) you can click either on > or <. Just that easy :)


For those of you who were interested in the previous flash or haven’t watched the series yet and are wondering how its intro looks like I have provided a link to it so you can watch it too and brighten your life!! Here it is:





click here to watch






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افسانه شجاعان

Xiao Ao Jiang Hu

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