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Mythological Capital

Well, Persepolis was the ceremonial capital of the greatest empire of the ancient world, the Achaemenians standing on a limestone terrace overlooking the Marvdasht Plain some 55 km away from Shiraz. Bulls, lions and the human-headed winged bulls are some of the motifs representing the Achaemenian Might and Power.







The Tachara Palace - Palace of Darius

The Tachara (meaning winter palace) of Darius -which is so called in the trilingual inscription on its southern door jambs-is on a platform about 2m higher than the Apadana immediately to its north. However, this was not a Royal residence, being used only for official functions. Later Xerxes found it too small and so had it reconstructed.








The Audience Scene Hall of Hundred Columns

The great audience scene is repeated four times inside the tow doors on front of the hall of a Hundred Columns. This scene, on the northern doorway of the hall, is dissected into six framed registers. The five lower registers show the files of the immortal guards. In the highest register, the King is simply sitting on the chair under the daise, a pair of incense-burners in front. The man in the audience is a Mede, standing before the king, bowing.





The King Fighting the Lion - Tachara Palace

Stone relief located on the entrance walls to Tachara Palace showing an Achaemenede King fighting the mythological lion.






Human-Headed Bull - Xerxes' Gateway

The Tachara Palace - Palace of Darius


The Audience Scene Hall of Hundred Columns


The King Fighting the Lion - Tachara Palace